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Concord offers several different service packages for your exhibition needs Concord. The right solution for you will be based on your companies needs.

Package 1: Deluxe Package

If your company wants a presence that everyone visitor will remember then this is the package you need.


  • Rate from 100 Euros per square meter.
  • Custom Designed eye catching Exhibit Stall.


  • Showroom lighting
  • Custom designed and printed banners and signs.
  • Contemporary furniture.
  • Internal conference rooms
  • Kitchen with equipment such as espresso machine, microwave, refrigerator ect.
  • Daily cleaning service.

Package 2: Standard Package

If you need a basic stand with a small area or you are on a budget then this is the package for you.


  • From 50 Euros per square meter.
  • Custom design stand.
  • Essential furniture.
  • Printed flyer racks.
  • Daily cleaning.
  • Company banner.
  • More services available upon request.

Package 3: Community Stands

If you are coming to an exhibition and you don't have a budget for large stand, you might try a community stand where several companies combine their resources to have an economical yet attractive large area stand with separate areas for each company.


  • Rate 100 Euros per square meter.
  • Custom design.
  • Lights.
  • Community kitchen and equipment.
  • Furniture.
  • Communal conference room.
  • Daily cleaning service.